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Halton is the world leader in the field of commercial kitchen ventilation, specialising in indoor air quality, safety, energy performance and environmental awareness. Based on an underlying desire for innovation and simplicity, our depth of knowledge and experience is second to none, a factor recognized by the professionals within the industry.

Halton Foodservice offers the widest range of products in all the fields which contribute, directly or indirectly, to build a unique and innovative set of global solutions for High Performance Kitchens.


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Capture Jet™ technology
Up to 40% reduction in the exhaust airflow compared to traditional canopies
Water Wash technologie
Automatic cleaning system of filters and exhaust plenums fed by a control cabinet

Capture Ray™ technology
UV grease removal system to prevent grease deposits in exhaust plenums and ductwork
M.A.R.V.E.L. Demand Controlled Ventilation system allows an increase in the reduction of exhaust airflow rates of the Capture Jet™ technology up to 64%.

KSA Cyclonic filtration technology
Cyclonic filters efficient at 95% on the grease particles of 10 microns and above
T.A.B.™ technology
T.A.B.™ pressure ports used to measure the exhaust and supplys airflows on all Halton systems

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