June 28, 2010

Halton's new chilled beam incorporates building services in a matching interior design element


Halton’s new multi-service chilled beam combines ventilation, cooling, and heating as well as other building services into a single unit. This beam is available in different designs and surface coatings to suit the interior design of your property. Halton’s multi-service chilled-beam concept delivers benefits for renovation sites. It even enables additional floors to be built for new properties without increasing the overall height of the building.

Halton is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chilled beams and multi-service chilled beams. Projects using Halton multi-service chilled beams have been completed all over the world, tailored to clients’ requirements. The brand-new Halton CBQ is a platform for building services that makes it easy to tailor a solution to the specific requirements of each project. In addition to ventilation, cooling, and heating, it is possible to connect lighting, sprinklers, and various types of sensors and detectors to this beam. The product can also be designed to suit the site in its structure, shape, and surface coating.

Halton’s multi-service chilled-beam solution saves construction time and guarantees a high-quality result. The product, assembled and tested at factory, is quick to install at the site, as the ventilation, heating, and cooling, as well as the lighting, controls, and various sensors, are installed at the same time.

On renovation sites, the Halton CBQ multi-service chilled-beam solution lets you maximise ceiling height, because it does not require a suspended ceiling and the profile of the beam is very slim. For new buildings, Halton’s solution has also made it possible to create additional floors.

Halton’s new selection program supports the design of your multi-service chilled beams. The program lets you design beams of up to 12 m in length and enables you to simulate indoor climate conditions reliably.

For more information, contact:

Mikko Lietzen
Product Manager
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E-mail: mikko.lietzen@halton.com

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