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Halton Foodservice is passionate about indoor environments. We offer business enhancing products, systems and services for comfortable, energy efficient and safe environments for customers who value wellbeing of people.



Halton provides a complete range of advanced solutions for indoor climate and professional kitchen environments.



Select from a complete range of advanced solutions for professional kitchens. 


Halton Energy Savings


Did you know?
Since 1990 the use of Capture Jet has reduced energy consumption and eliminated the CO2 equivalent of planting more than 5 million trees and counting.

Halton has planted an equivalent of
5,085,590 Trees
as of December 31st, 2011
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13 Coin Restaurant, Seattle, WA
13 Coins is a timeless Seattle institution where generations have gathered for an unforgettable experience since 1967. Famed for its high backed booths, swiveling captain’s chairs and an exhibition kitchen known for lively, counterside exchanges... >> Read More

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth Preventing a Pound of Grease From Igniting!

Halton KGS Halton introduces the KGS - Duct Safety System!
Halton’s Duct Safety System (KGS) is a signaling device that monitors the grease deposition levels in all monitored ductwork.  The KGS uses optical sensors and reflectors inside the exhaust ductwork to monitor the cleanliness of the duct.  >> Read More

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